© G.Sterken Euroneth 2011 Euroneth Oymapinar Golf is a construction, development and investment company. Founded  from Euroneth Holland and built a superior villa and golf project in one of the most popularized holiday resorts of Turkey. Our company is engaged in the design and construction of this unique luxury villa and golf project, located in the region of Manavagat Oymapinar in the district, province of Antalya in Turkey (Eurasia). As an integral part  in this project  we also have activities in the field of management and leasing and providing after sales services. All these additional services we can offer our customers so well. Using our integrity and honesty, we are able to provide you a quality to ensure the highest level according to current European standards and in each stage of our project. From design to implementation. The ultimate goal is more than just meet the expectations of our national and international customers and investors, but also to exceed it. In Euroneth Golf we believe in complete customer satisfaction in all phases of the project. Using our know-how and experience we succeed in  our customers both during and after the sales process to offer a full service and thus create lasting customer satisfaction. Our philosophies are based on honesty and passion for perfection and the design and implementation of a project that meet standards that exceed the expectations of our customers exceed them.